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Concrete Water Tanks Sunshine Coast

Reliable water supply for commercial & residential projects

Concrete Water Tanks built onsite to suit your exact needs
Underground and Aboveground concrete water tank solutions


QBCC Licence

The QBCC is the regulator of the building industry in Queensland, issuing licences to contractors, providing a free dispute resolution service and administering a home warranty scheme to provide insurance cover for residential construction work in Queensland.

Master Builders

Master Builders Members

Building with a Master Builder gives you peace of mind that your builder or trade contractor is appropriately licensed and has the support of the peak industry association. Master Builders provides members with access to practical training, advice and up-to-date information.


Built to Australian Standards

Our concrete water tanks and concrete plunge pools are built to Australian Standards: AS3600-Concrete Structure Code, AS3735- Concrete Stuctures for Retaining Liquids, HB230- Rainwater Tank Design and Installation and AS2783-Use of reinforced concrete for small swiming pools


Engineered Designed Tanks

North Coast Tanks are Engineered Designed by Engineering and Building Investigation Services (EBIS). EBIS has a long standing reputation within the building construction industry on the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland, North Brisbane and Southern Wide Bay.

Our most valuable resource is water

Our most valuable resource is water

Why having a water tank is highly valuable

You may not be aware, but Australia is one of the driest continents on Earth. Antarctica is officially number one when it comes to the least amount of rainfall recorded each year, with Australia coming in right behind them. The expectation for our rainfall is not going to get any better according to many long-range rainfall forecasters. A more realistic forecast is that it is only going to get drier with even more droughts expected and each time the severity of these droughts will be worse. This is explained in more detail in the Annual Climate Statement 2019.

Expert research on predicted rainfall including this abovementioned report discusses that they expect when it does rain in Australia, we can anticipate receiving larger amounts of rain in a shorter period. This is when we will need to harvest as much of this rain as possible and the size of you tank will be important. According to SEQ Water an average person’s water consumption in 2017 on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland was 203 litres per person per day. Therefore, as a guide, if you have 4 adults living in a house without town water and we do not receive rain for a 3 month period your family would need approximately 97,440l of water tank storage to maintain this level of usage.

Our most popular
residential water tank solutions

Above Ground
Concrete Water Tanks

Our standard roof load water tanks can be built above ground or placed in the ground. The roof of the tank must be a minimum 150mm out of the ground. The roof can accommodate pedestrian traffic only. A popular use for these tanks is to cast a clothsline into the roof.
Our standard tank size ranges from 16,400L up to 360,000L with 14 standard sizes available.

Concrete Water Tanks

North Coast Tanks offers several options when it comes to burying your concrete water tank. Our most popular options are a 5Kpa and 7Kpa roof load. A 5Kpa roof load can be buried with up to 300mm of fill (enough to grow a lush green lawn). A 7Kpa roof load can have either 300mm of fill or a driveway/ concrete slab and can accommodate light vehicles. ie Landcruiser Wagon etc.

Industrial & commercial
water tank solutions

Professional and Dependable

With a well established and continuing track record of work on commercial building projects, North Coast Tanks enjoys a reputation among commercial builders for professionalism and commitment to the quality of work, and delivery of service.As leaders in onsite commercial and industrial concrete water tank construction, we pride ourselves on innovation, value, service, safety and of course quality.We are:QBCC licenced 062813, fully insured, fully compliant in WHS, and confined space qualified. We are commercial contractors performing to a Work Method Statement. North Coast Tanks has the experience to construct concrete water tanks to one-off engineer specifications up to 340,000 litres.
Standard size diameters include 3.75m, 4.1m, 4.5m, 5.4m, 5.6m, 6.0m, 6.4m, 6.8m, 7.7m, 8.5m, 10m, 12.5m & 15m. If you require a tank larger then 360,000 Litres or custom built to your specifications, please contact us and we can discuss options that are available.

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